Monday, September 27, 2010

different sides of me. and You. Question mark -ed

i could be anything you want, I am that flexible. NOW, the question is: DO i think it’s worth it to be the one you want me to be? think again. =)

‘to be the one you WANT me to be’ isn’t changing who I am to be someone else for the sake of pleasing another. it’s letting certain sides of me to revive. more. often.

i could be shy. i could be sweet. i could try to be funny. i could be sarcastic. i could be mean and bitter-full. i could be nonchalant. i could be powerless. i could be… wanting to give in.

i don’t initiate.

UNTIL… you start bringing it in… to the equation.

then i will respond in accordance to you.

it’s that simple.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

unpredictably predicted kinda vylette

in the end. it would be me back to being sweet & predictable like i used to. and a significant someone decently half-decent that’s worth it

maybe not too predictable. for i hop around. that predictable randomization isn’t really predictable.

Monday, September 20, 2010

In search of sunshine

Pride vs Pride.
Suppressed emotions vs Suppressed emotions.

Adjourning someplace better seems …. miraculous.
for now.

Let us miss each other without telling one another. (via treespotter)
Let us wonder everynow and then what’s on each other’s minds and do none.
Let us digress and distract our brains with other things/tasks.
Let us try to walk forward in search of clear sunshine.

Sunshine doesn’t necessarily mean U and S together.

Just beautiful rays of refreshing warmth for better days.