Thursday, March 31, 2011

the IF -s Yin&Yang

If there’s no yesterday, there won’t be the day after tomorrow. Everyday will be a today kinda -days.

If there’s no regret, there won’t be introspection and reflection and the phrase ‘strive to improve’ will be overrated in general.

If there’s no future, there won’t be wishes and hopes and faith to keep going; for beautiful/better tomorrow(s).

If there’s no conflict, there won’t be life’s lessons & mandatory struggles & victorious smiles to end+make peace with one’s battles.

If there’s no me *plus* a you, there won’t be us BUT there will always still be Me. You. :)

Them or not them .. (according to many them-s)

Its not about them. Its about you re-telling those stories as the[M]aterials.

Its not about them. Its about him/her telling his/her side of the story about him/her & him/her.

Its not about them. Its about that certain part(s) of the world watching and then concluding stories about them.

Its not about them. Its me telling you its not about them and makes you think it might after-all; is about them.

Almost midnight

He was inhaling and blowing and had them eyes glued to the telly when She walked in. Then, there’s that short silence.

She was blowing and inhaling and watching the sky scrapers. He was somewhere inside. Inside one of them (still)unknown doors.

She was inside. Reading/writing and half-listening to the sound of the silent corridor. The telly is on again. She wondered if its the same He.

He coughed once and She ...

There is .....

There’s that roller coaster ride. Annihilating crazy bumps. Tingling ticklish vibes. Many sheepish smiles in between suppressed annoyance(s).

There’s that lane. Advance route for labyrinth experts. You cry. You scream. You blush. You giggle. You bask in the silence of one final road.

There’s that pace. You accelerate. Others speed up to keep up w/ the speed. You halt. You observe. You decelerate with bold freeze, smiling.

There’s the mingle-r. You move around. They assume you flirt. You couldn’t care less. You interact. You lock & you move forward with a grin.

There are the special-s. They demand zero attention. Stick to their ways of doing things. Stand out without having to. Ultimate effortless.

There’s karma. You believe it. Some don’t. Nobody’s proving what’s what or the otherwise. Retribution happens. Everybody introspect.again.

Friday, March 4, 2011

constructive mindfucking momento

one day, we gonna look at that biting past as nothing but mere strings connecting distorted puzzles of the former jaded labyrinth.

by jaded labyrinth, i meant multi lanes & channels of the unknowns. accompanied by diff states of confusion and breakdowns.

then... you, me, him, her and us gonna snap out of it. and looking back to retell the tale. to the right ppl. right timing. with a smile.

real, unmasked smile that's not gonna trigger mellow memoirs to revive. for they are mere tales thats not worth re-pondering about. anymore.

NOW. cry if you must. scream if you wanna.
THEN... smile. :)

Moving on isn't about never looking back, it's about taking a glance at the past and seeing how much you've grown since then. (via @epiclifequotes )