Thursday, December 23, 2010

in between futile daily nagging & fighting suicidal mindfucks

Now, dear you.. stop bitching and start doing something or PLAN to do something. if you don’t think its possible, like the quote states: change your mindset.

real world’s bittersweet. one is going to experience plenty of bitterness on the early stage of life, before learning from the mistakes and to go through [future] balanced bitter & sweetness

Good career & academic achievement DON’T impress me if your attitude shows the otherwise. daily nagging & being fickle over trivial issues? WHOAT?

bitching& nagging is different. nag with bitchiness served on a witty full platter? i will bow down to you. if not, go nag in a private blog

if you’re going mellow, i say its natural. if you bitch from times to times, i say its humanly. if you nag and do nothing about it ALL THE TIME, its WHATEVA.

in between sadness/tendency to depression/daily mind fucks and outsiders’ perceptions, there’s freedom of thoughts.

one can be sad, suppressing major problems with camouflaged positivity or talk about it. some will empathize. some will point fingers. unfair as it may seems, i believe them incoming different responses/judgment, depends on the doer’s state of mind & how its being expressed.

just like suicidal thoughts. some thought they have it but able to fight it. some thought they have it but don’t really have it. some struggle hard to stay alive.

hmm.. struggling and still going on staying alive suiciders VS thinking-they-have-it at one point but not really suiciders. who’s judging who until it comes & slaps one hard, now? :)

not many grasp the idea of fighting inevitable killing thoughts. how suffocated one is, surrounded by moving & closing walls from all directions. your body’s trembling and shaking even after gulping daily dosage of anti anxiety-attack pills.

decision to commit/attempt to commit suicide. its not a joke. its not merely ‘oh, am sick of this world’. there’s subconcious mental mindfuck.

IF you must judge, judge inside your head. don’t condemn. period. :)