Sunday, August 29, 2010

i can only be me

i can only be me

when you can be you.

a mask-free me, with present fragility written all over.

is that sinful? intolerable mistake?

or does that just make me a real human with flaws and lil strengths here & there?

don’t read me if you dont want to…

don’t bother analyzing me when you think less of me.

for i aint no fairy tales princess with sedated, robotic scenarios and full time optimism.

i am REAL. i am bitter sweet.

and currently, yes, im having many bitter moments but i don’t mind that. just don’t attack and expect more of me.

for i myself do not even expect more of me.

i could/would only strive to be the best of me. and sometimes i could be the best of me. and at certain mellow period, i can’t.

thats the ugly truth. and i’m not one to deny incoming, overwhelming emotions.

Head. away.

No biggie.


Monday, August 23, 2010

a closeted box

i think…its about time i open that one box hidden deep inside the closet. its been several years, anyway.

i love love love HIMYM series. but.. season 2. episode 1 and 2… mind HAD been forced to block and keep it hidden inside the box.

pre-premiere torrent downloads and dvd conversion. surprise midnight self-made brownies. french redwine. 2 episodes. 1 sofa. shared.

significant first date. all customized for the girl’s likings. then, within few blinks. twisted lane haunted. a stupid ferry ride to macau.

several blinks after. still the same sofa. two distorted minds. how very ungentleman farewell bidded. a stranded girl lost in HK. broken.

and the girl thanks the universe today. broken soul nomore. can’t be fucked by dude’s existence, either. Box, you’re open. and empty now. =)

THIS, is to remind me another peace with the mind has been dealt

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

the cycle goes on and on

again. and again.

vague apology and then being nonchalantly oblivious of what triggered the fucked-up moment in the past. yeah, in addition to them comforting justified words.

different people.

similar jaded scenarios.

for one is naturally forward, willingly resort to head whichever ways after being told of what’s expected or whatnot.

and then, for one to be one playing another card. flexiible attempts towards almost anything and everything *be it specific or in between* [nuff said]

to taunt and to tease.

aim to please.

amidst experimental phase.

heaven and hell, make sure they’re bisected to the base.

who’s denying the ultimate catalyst is no-question still THE booze.

while voluntary dreams are still invited to my doze

just before us all stuck in between crazey froze

come lets mass-rebel against alarms’ snooze

- vylette. WineBlabbering.

Monday, August 9, 2010

flaming fatal fire

mixed signal.

looking beyond physical floral.

undressing everything coral.

occasional impulsive frontal.

smelling nothing but fatal.

steady flowing and can’t be fucked much of the twisted spiral.

-summer 2010