Monday, December 26, 2011

fishing and baiting and bla bla bla

she walked. he ran.
she ran. he sprinted.
she attempted to sprint. he paused.
she paused to catch her breath. he took out his hand wanting to touch her.
she stepped back. Not only hesitant, but cautiously thinking.
what’s what, now.. and what’s later?

cycle of uncertainty.
when is the right time to hop two steps forwards and when to take a step backward?
when can we skip all these ‘games’ and move right ahead?
initially played to anticipate future excitement and tinglings.
but when its getting a lil too old, the long and clear lane got foggy.
it’s still long, but nowhere clear.
just. cloudy.

you don’t need no water to be sucked in and engage in them fishing rules.
it's getting pretty tiring, these baiting - fishing - pausing - striking - merging (or, diminishing) cycle going on a loop.

sometimes, when it gets too tiring, one packs her soul, her heart and distorted brain back to where she was.
and where she’d better be. =)

Transparency is prettaay

You’re pretty transparent. 
I know. I soaked myself wet for you to view.
You’re pretty transparent. 
I know you like raindrops. This is my version of dropping just like them. To your arms.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

kala Yin rehat sementara Yang & Yang melebur

Yang muda yang bercinta. Bercinta dengan huruf. Berperang dengan logika. Berbaikan dengan mencintai konteks untaian huruf huruf yg menyatu.

Yang terang yang bersinar. Bersinar ditemani mendung & gelap. Meredup ditutupi sinar lain yg cemburu. Bersinar kembali menembus euphoria sesaat.

Yang pasrah yang terdiam. Terdiam dalam buaian pilihan. Menahan hasrat membelot. Menjerit: hedonisme miring memang absolut.

drafting away

We always meet by the elevator. One heading out and another, about to walk in. Before that double “Hey, neighbour!” line simultaneously blurted out.

This has been going on for years. No numbers exchanged. Coincidental meetings and making plans for future dinners happen right there. In front of the lift.

One might blurt : “Jangan dibuat ribet kalo mau ketemuan doang mah. Minta contact details atau unit number apartemen nya dong.”
...And ruining it?
The element of pleasant surprise. Aren't most of us have tendencies looking forward to it. Embrace the spontaneity or hell, create it!

This is blind dating two point o.
Bukan partner date nya yang buta. Tanggalnya. :D

Saturday, December 10, 2011

You want??

What do you want?

I want you to want it the way I’ve been wanting.
I want one plus one to be one of a kind. I one you & you one me.
I want the world spins with sheepish giggles, looking at us.
I want it all and all means you.
I want the hazy road to clear up and go easy with bumps to close with a We.
I want us to remain being critical beings and question the necessary and yet, never question us once you and me have become, US.
I want the wanting to become primal needing. The want one can’t lives without.

When You think you know lots...

You think it's gonna work out.
Little did you know, work hasn't been going two ways.

You think it's best left unsaid.
Little did you know, micro expressions prove your left eye had given you away.

You think it's all for the better.
Little did you know, all is one and when one is all, it spells b.e.s.t.

You think it's not gonna get you.
Little did you know, getting you has happened, with or without you.

You think it takes one to know one.
Little did you know, it might take one to know, and that certain one will still judge nevertheless.

You think it's nothing but the truth.
Little did you know, half of true was projected as truth.

You think silence is golden.
Little did you know, your golden league believes in silencing the unfavorable-s.

In the end, knowing you don't know that much and all the thinkings have been done all along with limited knowledge, is all to it.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

judging around, diversity theories and justifications

every person has his/her own style and ways of seeing something, anything and everything. its my eyes. its your eyes. who are we to judge?

do i judge? yes, i still do! sometimes in silence. sometimes i blurt it out loud with personal preference of words to clearly indicate. i believe in diversity and the idea of mutual respect to discuss an issue. with different opinions. exchanging *ideas*. not dissing.

Lets get specific with an illustration. Such as: photography. each person has their own ways of viewing something and capture it with different angles so, just because one person states ‘your pictures are less than mediocre”, don’t be offended. many might think the otherwise. :)

now, i’m going to judge. whoever compares and feels their achievement[s] are better than the others? well. lemme ask you. define priorities. are you going to say that your priorities and everyone else you know are the same? are you that certain? gimme a valid reason why.

there are many reasons why quotes like ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’ & ‘everybody has got different somethingsomething-oriented goals’ EXIST.

people talk. people share. people get too engrossed sticking to their opinions, they forget to check dictionary for ‘mindset’. For ‘past’.

Some think those who blurted ‘try walking a mile in my shoes.’ are being defensive. well, read thoroughly. some might be Unjustified alibis. While some are merely stating: “Don’t point fingers because God and the universe don’t even do that. we don’t have THE exact life-lanes.”

when i share or confide in someone, its becoming habitual to end with ‘please stay objective despite my subjective blurting.’

the ugliest truth? many times, i do not just DISagree w/ a statement. i might despise your point of view[s]. [yes, for certain extreme cases]. But, hey! Its your life. Its your thoughts. Its your way of responding to some issues. I might hate your words but i respect you spilling it.

One might call it bi-polar diversity understanding. others might call it realism.
i say: i might not agree but if you ain’t shitting on me, go ahead. Say what you wanna say. freedom of speech and thoughts and perceptions. Anything not offensive and demeaning.

an example: i believe in self mockery. as opposed to insensitive slapstick jokes. i apply that differently. self mockery? i don't mind ppl laugh at me or with me. as long as i ain’t offended.

slapstick jokes? i do that to some people. When what’s supposedly no biggie to my brain equalize to something insensitive to you, i shall apologize. For i wasn’t being sensitive or familiar enough to decipher and get to know your idea of what’s acceptable or not.

yknow what’s the hardest way to say a sorry? a simple sorry sans blablablabla.

one’s brain: “oh, i shall say sorry. but i have got valid reasonings of why i was doing it. lemme justify with my theories.”

again, the theory of diversity barges in. what seems like CONCRETE justifications to a person, it’s given the verdict of: BULLSHIT by other people. the hardest part of saying sorry for myself is to REFRAIN the mouth or the fingers to type more than a simple, direct ‘i am truly sorry.’

for when you feel you’re being misunderstood, you can’t help but wanting to explain the reason WHY.

now, different scenario. ‘getting defensive and bringing in weak argument points’ to justify? imma judge again and say its not worth my time. when i think its not worth my time…
do i tell it right to the person’s face? sometimes i do. sometimes i respond through absolute silence.

if you were to think why am i proclaiming being a believer of diversity and at the same time i admit being judgmental? Ain’t that just another illustration of diversity? In between accepting something as it is or to admit being judgmental? :D


sadeethya: Being judgmental is never a good habit, but admit it sometimes we stereotype people, consciously or unconsciously.

inestjokro: So long as you still have an explanation to each “why so?” question, you’ll be ok.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

. dot . dot . dot .

Yours truly is one advanced dots connector in a dimmed labyrinth, only when most dots are gloomy and the line curved to spell letter D. Doom.

Ignorance is beyond (mere)bliss. It doesn't lure one to open eyes wider; only to view scattered puzzles.

I'd want to be indifferent but failing Emotional Detachment course umpteen times is clearly printed on the transcript.
My life's transcript.

Ultimately, it's best if I know none.
Being oblivious is crucial here to maintain rational head, free from clouded mind bubbles.

I have yet to deal with all boxes inside my closet, let alone to be involuntary spectator of others' excess baggages. Messy and bursting.

Serenity is: eyes wide shut. Brain cells loosening up. Heart listening to all sorta noises yet not the least bugged.
Let's stop solving and connecting. Let's start living, through looking and walking on.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

the IF -s Yin&Yang

If there’s no yesterday, there won’t be the day after tomorrow. Everyday will be a today kinda -days.

If there’s no regret, there won’t be introspection and reflection and the phrase ‘strive to improve’ will be overrated in general.

If there’s no future, there won’t be wishes and hopes and faith to keep going; for beautiful/better tomorrow(s).

If there’s no conflict, there won’t be life’s lessons & mandatory struggles & victorious smiles to end+make peace with one’s battles.

If there’s no me *plus* a you, there won’t be us BUT there will always still be Me. You. :)

Them or not them .. (according to many them-s)

Its not about them. Its about you re-telling those stories as the[M]aterials.

Its not about them. Its about him/her telling his/her side of the story about him/her & him/her.

Its not about them. Its about that certain part(s) of the world watching and then concluding stories about them.

Its not about them. Its me telling you its not about them and makes you think it might after-all; is about them.

Almost midnight

He was inhaling and blowing and had them eyes glued to the telly when She walked in. Then, there’s that short silence.

She was blowing and inhaling and watching the sky scrapers. He was somewhere inside. Inside one of them (still)unknown doors.

She was inside. Reading/writing and half-listening to the sound of the silent corridor. The telly is on again. She wondered if its the same He.

He coughed once and She ...

There is .....

There’s that roller coaster ride. Annihilating crazy bumps. Tingling ticklish vibes. Many sheepish smiles in between suppressed annoyance(s).

There’s that lane. Advance route for labyrinth experts. You cry. You scream. You blush. You giggle. You bask in the silence of one final road.

There’s that pace. You accelerate. Others speed up to keep up w/ the speed. You halt. You observe. You decelerate with bold freeze, smiling.

There’s the mingle-r. You move around. They assume you flirt. You couldn’t care less. You interact. You lock & you move forward with a grin.

There are the special-s. They demand zero attention. Stick to their ways of doing things. Stand out without having to. Ultimate effortless.

There’s karma. You believe it. Some don’t. Nobody’s proving what’s what or the otherwise. Retribution happens. Everybody introspect.again.

Friday, March 4, 2011

constructive mindfucking momento

one day, we gonna look at that biting past as nothing but mere strings connecting distorted puzzles of the former jaded labyrinth.

by jaded labyrinth, i meant multi lanes & channels of the unknowns. accompanied by diff states of confusion and breakdowns.

then... you, me, him, her and us gonna snap out of it. and looking back to retell the tale. to the right ppl. right timing. with a smile.

real, unmasked smile that's not gonna trigger mellow memoirs to revive. for they are mere tales thats not worth re-pondering about. anymore.

NOW. cry if you must. scream if you wanna.
THEN... smile. :)

Moving on isn't about never looking back, it's about taking a glance at the past and seeing how much you've grown since then. (via @epiclifequotes )

Saturday, February 19, 2011

rollercoaster travel

You can’t time travel but you could start " sense[s] exploring. "
Travel to me.

Crack my head open.

Can you see the layers and hues representing different aspects of bittersweet life?

You don’t have to taste it. Or try to understand it. Just hold me close when I have to walk through that colorful labyrinth.

Pull me. Hold these fingers. Don’t let go until I blurt ‘the rollercoaster is over.’
Then… let’s synchronize the victorious smiles.

If sharing is caring… Caring is serving infatuation.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


di kala kamu menyapa.

sewaktu aku membalas, diam diam tersipu.

di kala kamu bertanya.

sewaktu aku memilah dan membuat teori bisu.

di kala semua tersenyum.

meresapi yang tertulis. merasakan yang tidak terlalu jelas terungkap.

adalah satu aliran air.

bukan air pancuran. bukan juga ombak.

hanya suatu air yang tenang dekat sebuah sungai.

saat senja datang dan siluet siluet menghampiri.

siluet awan, lampu jalan dan gedung gedung.

siluet saksi yang tiada akan pernah berkata.

siluet kita.

siluet yang terus mencoba berdiri kokoh dan berharap untuk saling menyambut.

one evening, our eyes will meet and we’ll watch all kinds of silhouettes. together.

Friday, January 28, 2011

the analogy: bitter sweet taste of caffeinated fluids

am not denying the pleasure of bitter black caffeine. too bad, tummy protests. so yea, adding sweetener to the chosen bitterness, i gotta do.

same goes in real life, no? the bitter symphonies. we like some, we ditch some. at times, the preferred bitter vibe demands sweet inputs.

realistic cycle. am i right or am i right?

if you were to believe in happily ever after tales with zero insertion of sweetened essence[s]?

well, try

if you were to believe that everything is nothing but BITTER taste here and there, take a break and chill for a bit. isolate yourself and self-reflect on what’s going on. isolate yourself for constructive self-improvement outcome[s]


for those who have just experienced ‘recent exposure of bittersweet world?’

little bitterness + adequate sweetener = hello, optimistic tendency whilst accepting the bitterness as it is.

extreme bitterness + less than moderately amount of sweetener = a challenging era to test one’s patience + THE chance to learn to be stronger + to survive that true definition of REAL world.

i wish ‘you, you and you’ not just luck but the determination to: stick with persistence and keeping optimism in between cynical thoughts when the world crumbles.

let’s be survivor[s].

physically. mentally. spiritually.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why I love my strict Chinese mom [By Sophia Chua]

Writer Amy Chua shocked the world with her provocative essay, “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior,” when it appeared in the Wall Street Journal earlier this month.

The article, excerpted from her new book, “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother,” described “how Chinese parents raise such stereotypically successful kids.” It led with a manifesto: “Here are some things my daughters, Sophia and Louisa, were never allowed to do: attend a sleepover; have a playdate; be in a school play; complain about not being in a school play; watch TV or play computer games; choose their own extracurricular activities; get any grade less than an A; not be the No. 1 student in every subject except gym and drama; play any instrument other than the piano or violin; not play the piano or violin.”

While Chua says she has received death threats for her comments (one critic called her the “worst mother ever”), the question remains: What do her own children think? Now Chua’s eldest daughter, Sophia Chua-Rubenfeld, 18, tells her side of the story exclusively to The Post . . .


Dear Tiger Mom,

You’ve been criticized a lot since you published your memoir, “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother.” One problem is that some people don’t get your humor. They think you’re serious about all this, and they assume Lulu and I are oppressed by our evil mother. That is so not true. Every other Thursday, you take off our chains and let us play math games in the basement.

But for real, it’s not their fault. No outsider can know what our family is really like. They don’t hear us cracking up over each other’s jokes. They don’t see us eating our hamburgers with fried rice. They don’t know how much fun we have when the six of us — dogs included — squeeze into one bed and argue about what movies to download from Netflix.

I admit it: Having you as a mother was no tea party. There were some play dates I wish I’d gone to and some piano camps I wish I’d skipped. But now that I’m 18 and about to leave the tiger den, I’m glad you and Daddy raised me the way you did. Here’s why.

A lot of people have accused you of producing robot kids who can’t think for themselves. Well, that’s funny, because I think those people are . . . oh well, it doesn’t matter. At any rate, I was thinking about this, and I came to the opposite conclusion: I think your strict parenting forced me to be more independent. Early on, I decided to be an easy child to raise. Maybe I got it from Daddy — he taught me not to care what people think and to make my own choices — but I also decided to be who I want to be. I didn’t rebel, but I didn’t suffer all the slings and arrows of a Tiger Mom, either. I pretty much do my own thing these days — like building greenhouses downtown, blasting Daft Punk in the car with Lulu and forcing my boyfriend to watch “Lord of the Rings” with me over and over — as long as I get my piano done first.

Everybody’s talking about the birthday cards we once made for you, which you rejected because they weren’t good enough. Funny how some people are convinced that Lulu and I are scarred for life. Maybe if I had poured my heart into it, I would have been upset. But let’s face it: The card was feeble, and I was busted. It took me 30 seconds; I didn’t even sharpen the pencil. That’s why, when you rejected it, I didn’t feel you were rejecting me. If I actually tried my best at something, you’d never throw it back in my face.

I remember walking on stage for a piano competition. I was so nervous, and you whispered, “Soso, you worked as hard as you could. It doesn’t matter how you do.”

Everybody seems to think art is spontaneous. But Tiger Mom, you taught me that even creativity takes effort. I guess I was a little different from other kids in grade school, but who says that’s a bad thing? Maybe I was just lucky to have nice friends. They used to put notes in my backpack that said “Good luck at the competition tomorrow! You’ll be great!” They came to my piano recitals — mostly for the dumplings you made afterward — and I started crying when I heard them yelling “bravo!” at Carnegie Hall.

When I got to high school, you realized it was time to let me grow up a little. All the girls started wearing makeup in ninth grade. I walked to CVS to buy some and taught myself how to use it. It wasn’t a big deal. You were surprised when I came down to dinner wearing eyeliner, but you didn’t mind. You let me have that rite of passage.

Another criticism I keep hearing is that you’re somehow promoting tunnel vision, but you and Daddy taught me to pursue knowledge for its own sake. In junior year, I signed myself up for a military-history elective (yes, you let me take lots of classes besides math and physics). One of our assignments was to interview someone who had experienced war. I knew I could get a good grade interviewing my grandparents, whose childhood stories about World War II I’d heard a thousand times. I mentioned it to you, and you said, “Sophia, this is an opportunity to learn something new. You’re taking the easy way out.” You were right, Tiger Mom. In the end, I interviewed a terrifying Israeli paratrooper whose story changed my outlook on life. I owe that experience to you.

There’s one more thing: I think the desire to live a meaningful life is universal. To some people, it’s working toward a goal. To others, it’s enjoying every minute of every day. So what does it really mean to live life to the fullest? Maybe striving to win a Nobel Prize and going skydiving are just two sides of the same coin. To me, it’s not about achievement or self-gratification. It’s about knowing that you’ve pushed yourself, body and mind, to the limits of your own potential. You feel it when you’re sprinting, and when the piano piece you’ve practiced for hours finally comes to life beneath your fingertips. You feel it when you encounter a life-changing idea, and when you do something on your own that you never thought you could. If I died tomorrow, I would die feeling I’ve lived my whole life at 110 percent.

And for that, Tiger Mom, thank you.


Sophia's original article. the link: HERE

Amy Chua's Why Chinese Mothers are superior? <-- click to view
Amy Chua is a professor at Yale Law School and author of "Day of Empire" and "World on Fire: How Exporting Free Market Democracy Breeds Ethnic Hatred and Global Instability." This essay is excerpted from "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother" by Amy Chua

Monday, January 24, 2011

menerapkan tidak untuk tetap bertahan

tidak berhenti hanya pada pernyataan

tidak cukup hanya cinta

tidak mengutuk saat air mata mengalir

tidak gelap otak, mata dan hati saat diri kecewa

tidak mengakhiri kala badai menerpa

tidak melepas tangan saat segala terjadi

tidak menyesal saat romansa rollercoaster ride mendominasi

tidak gampang untuk mengatakan tidak,

karena cinta bukan untuk di pilih pilah.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

pelabuhan hati itu relatif. mencari lokasi berlabuh yang cocok itu absolut.

hai dirimu….

kamu masih ingat saya, saya tidak perlu bertanya untuk tahu soal itu.
ip-tracking widget memberi lebih dari cukup informasi.

apa kabarnya kamu?

apakah kamu masih menelusuri segala penjuru angin untuk mencari?
mencari yang cocok, atau paling cocok?
tiada yang yakin.
baik saya. maupun kamu sang penelusur yang tidak berhenti melalang sana sini.

jika kamu bertanya pada dirimu sendiri, di suatu siang atau malam yang kelam, “kapan pencarian akan berakhir? kapan kata ‘berlabuh’ akan mencapit suatu yang bermakna?”

jujur, saya sendiri juga bertanya. bukan bertanya pada dirimu.
saya juga bertanya pada diri sendiri.

setiap orang boleh memiliki persepsi dan definisi yang mirip walau tidak sama persis.
dan setiap orang belum tentu mengalami atau mendapatkan ‘tempat berlabuh’ yang sama.

saya hanya bisa berharap…
baik saya, dan kamu, akan menemukan tempat itu.
tempat yang penuh makna. yang mampu mengubah kita berdua.

apakah saya dan kamu akan berlabuh di lokasi yang sama? menemukan oasis dan bersatu?
mari kita tidak berharap.
mari kita saling berharap untuk menemukan oasis masing-masing.

saling tertarik tidak harus selalu bersatu, bukan?


Saturday, January 22, 2011

colorful, bittersweet rainbow

Basking in the beauty of rainbow doesn’t mean you gotta view one with them eyes literally. Its all in the head.

List out [ME]rah [JI]ngga [KU]ning [HI]jau [BI]ru [NI]la [U]ngu. Fill in each of them hues. When they’re complete, compile them! You’ll be amused.

7 different colors. not all will be filled with happy inputs. uh huh.

but, to state EVERYTHING positively when the real world is bitter and sweet collaborating is nothing but delusional denial. :p

i do believe if we hold on to the optimistist side while doesn’t deny the seasonal yucky and sour ‘happenings’, everything will still be a PLUS in the end.

outta seven hues, 4 PLUS feat 3 MINUS still give us a PLUS result, right?


Chasing dream[s] and realization

Identifying THE PASSION of one’s life is one.
Determine to REAL -ize it, is another.

Let’s term your passion ‘P’ and determination ‘D’.

Now, throw in “CURRENT”:
1) O - obligation (work, family, study, life in general).
2) F - financial support/ funding.
3) T - free time slot in between life’s routine

P + D - O - F - T = ??
Wait a minute…
Determination should consist of many factors, including O, F and T; no? :)

P + D - O - F - T
= P + ( O + F + T ) - O - F - T
= P
Its back to square singular Passion. Boo.

Now, if only outta O, F and T, one factor could be classified as a plus. The F especially, A prominent factor.

Thing is, chasing after your passion and making it a huge existence in your life IS NOT RESTRAINED by time.
You could take a month.
Or 1 year.
Or 5 years.

The determination to keep them sparks alive during transition period and to stay in focus; it matters. much.

When the F has turned to a PLUS, what now? Your determination has caused you that sufficient-funding (be it parental subsidation, self-saved $ or joint-venture offer) to make the dream TRUE.
Would one have the T(ime) ? Or does one need to drop current O[bligations] to obtain plenty of T to move ahead?

Multi connected, no?
Don’t say, ‘when there’s a will, there’s a way’.

There’s only 24hours a day, many don’t even get sufficient rest, just because multi arrows obligation-points are what they’re facing on daily basis.
You know your passion & you have the fund to make it happen?
What now?

Determined to breakthrough with a solid decision. Yes, please.
Even if it means you gotta bid farewell with current Obligation & Time.
To be engaged with a new type of Obligation & Time.


Shit happens.
So does miracle.
And scarce opportunities.
F.L.Y. and seize when you could.
Reaping sweet harvest, that’s definite.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

one click away

you clicked it ONCE.

until it gets to me..

So i smile and i wince
overwhelmed by the light

the light that reveals many lanes.
just when i sit by the darkness, thinking of a way out.

i thank thee. :*

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

(abusive)Demon slayer

Slaying them demons to pieces.
Not with piercing words.
Not with dirty, vulgar screams.

Slaying with soft, soft smiles.
Thousands of little curving lips.
Genuine delivery from the heart.

For at the end of each day…
The eager-wishful being is back on that hoping track.

To have one peaceful heart.
To be indifferent to vulganic abuse.
To strike with smiles.
To retain sanity with rational head.

To dismiss them mean, mean words as …
Mere noises.
Harmless vocal pollution.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

thirteenth - One

13th of every month.
let's make a habit of compiling words i've written and shared on the timeline.
not to be repetitive.
only to retain their existencies. and as self reminders.

vylette's bits and pieces.
[give credits if you wanna copy]

Dependency. From the heart to the brain. Within one singular body. Wait, that's independency or in(ternal) dependency ? Choose. [vylette - Jan 18th ]

When it gets tricky. Push away them incoming yucky & stick to being quirky. Trivial peculiar humor to keep sanity & chain of staying lucky.

Rows of alphabetic cabaret. Not classified as some secret. Needs nothing but willingness to interpret.

Ah, the invisible global pressure. To obtain golden spot for the ‘treasure’. Can we stick to measure the leisure & end with simplified closure?

Active interactions with fellow mortals. And the space to choose. To provide answer, to stay or fly away OR… to offer different, different angles.

Bubbles of you. Floating all over; through them red blood vessels. From the top to the tip of the toes. Greeting with tingles. :))


Right asks Left to go right.
Left says: “I don’t always do it right but even when its not right, it feels more than [all]right!, Right.”

“if you can’t do right you can always do what’s left..” (track: No one loves me & neither do I - band: Them Crooked Vultures) | via randysalim

some ppl are born to be lovable. some are born to be a test for other humankinds. the resistancy test of holding *that* urge to slap hard.

Camouflaged sadness, happiness & some other emotions. How can one trust the giver when one can't trust his/her own judgment towards realism.

Rekindling what once happened would burn us two. Stop the attempted gestures, let's stay single and unburdened. Fullstop.

you think you love him/her. others think you love that implanted images/perceptions he/she hints ambiguously. there, i said it. ah, illusion

Hidup itu kaya rokok. Pahit dgn filter yg manis. Stlh dicerna dgn kesadaran penuh, sebagian tertelan&sebagian kluar bagai asap yg menghilang

Reluctancy is a thing I'd rather not practice. Better be sorry for thing you've said with zero-to-many regrets than things you never say.

in between revising DRAFT and SENDing, there's different states of minds of the giver and receiver.

never ever buy friendship w/ $$ or sugar-coated ass-licking compliments. sincere and objective solidarity on the go pls, woman.

i don't do bullshit but when you're blabbering with full bullshit, i dont mind getting dirty & find a bull's shit to throw it. in.your.face.

what doesn't traumatize you, makes you stronger. what doesn't offer you reality wakeup call, leaves you delusional with fairytales scenarios