Friday, November 5, 2010

when you thought its enough but apparently you keep on going after sometime longing for more, thinking its not yet enough, that's when expectations could be misleading and deceiving and you might get sucked into the hole you don't want to be in at the first place.

I am in one for now.
In pain, yes.
Longing for more, yes.
Uncertain of current condition; let alone the progress, YES.

we are only humans.
We have ambitions sometimes.
even for things we can't have.

For things we think we can't have but might have chances in having.

Humans. That's all we are and that's what we do.

the country

in between physical chest pain to witness and read and watch the medias, i find reasons to live for the better.

Merapi... Mentawai... Wasior...
may your problems resolve soon.

Generous volunteers in all sorts of forms and ways, I salute you!

President flying to DIY for Merapi, i'm praying for the best of your response(s).

DPR members not giving a damn and going on 'study banding', 'naik haji dgn keluarga masing2', may you come to your senses.

FPI, may you rot in hell for giving Islamic a bad name.

People pointing and shouting and going judgmental in a sour bitter way against the others, shush and do something. Shut up. Pray. Donate if you could.

Be well, Indonesia :')