Saturday, October 23, 2010

another battle

three weeks after.

incoming tensions and dramas decide to start another saga.

come what may.

nobody is against nobody.

nobody is going to respond to intangibly demented conflicts

nobody is willing to be sucked down to that hole of negativity

battles, we call them.

one-sided weapons, we call them.

another one-sided silent armors, we increase them

calm and rationalized, we gunna make it.


Yell what?

emotional baggage punchbag demand to satisfy your thrist to vent?

oh, its no longer available here.

try someplace else.

Monday, October 11, 2010

love thyself, icy creature

THE high-pride maintenance spiraled down to that blackhole. hitting below rock bottom.

melted-ice exploded with drama.

extreme-fireball erupted with unbearable anger.

if there’s any fireworks no body would even wanna glance, this is it, then.

burning craze.

numb heart. is this denial? reflexive blockage to coat the soul from pain?

or is this… revelation? eye-opening nonsensical scenarios to catalyze IMMEDIATE stroll. to move forward. and never look back.

Let’s go teary for a while. check that reflection, not from the mirror.

then… lets smile and laugh harder. gotta be genuine, no less.

the ice thanks you, you, you, you, and you for the prep boosting chats. heart sure turns cold, once again. fortunately, love for passionate friendship grows.

the ice has gone back to freeze self.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

one logic vs various approaches

  • him: oh, so you don't like aerobics?
  • her: my brain sucks at interpreting body movements, then sending it back to muscle joints for synchronization. Wanna like it but i couldn't. So.. i gave up and find alternative way to do another activity that's just as benefiting.
  • him: and what would that be?
  • her: dancing at the clubs. sure, doing it at home with the same genre of music might work as well but one tends to dance longer/crazier at some dancefloor, hence, burning more calories.
  • him: THERE YOU GO. you don't like to be told what to do. your brain reacts and find another way to do it, the way you prefer and LIKE doing it.
  • her: i suppose so?
  • him: and you love maths, eh?
  • her: i freaking love maths.
  • him: that's because mathematics has only one definite 'logical' answer, explained by numbers and not alphabets. no rephrasing. nothing. ONE and that's all.
  • her: And???
  • him: it's inter related. when you understand the logic behind mathematics, and everyone in the world could only give the same answer. your brain accepts it. adapts to it. but, as for aerobics... moving bodies to sweat it out and get healthy with one to eight steps could be done many other ways. and your brain just rejects it because you could DIY.
  • her: are you trying to say, this is applicable to everyone?
  • him: not everyone. some are different. their brains are more tolerant in accepting different kinda theories etc. and by being less tolerant, it doesn't mean one's brain is less than the tolerant(s). YOU are just different.
  • her: :) I will never mind being different as long as this trait of me still sum up to who i am.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

foolish people

He lied a transparent lie to get the plan back on.

She let him lie his way back in, while smiling foolishly.
Occasional self-cursing for blinking an eye away. way too long.

For being off-guard when she was well aware and was being on-guard when it happened.
Being isn’t final choosing

Hasn’t been foolish for quite some time.
Until, just right about that hour when..
everything. rekindles.

state o mind:
A fool for you - the falling