Monday, December 26, 2011

fishing and baiting and bla bla bla

she walked. he ran.
she ran. he sprinted.
she attempted to sprint. he paused.
she paused to catch her breath. he took out his hand wanting to touch her.
she stepped back. Not only hesitant, but cautiously thinking.
what’s what, now.. and what’s later?

cycle of uncertainty.
when is the right time to hop two steps forwards and when to take a step backward?
when can we skip all these ‘games’ and move right ahead?
initially played to anticipate future excitement and tinglings.
but when its getting a lil too old, the long and clear lane got foggy.
it’s still long, but nowhere clear.
just. cloudy.

you don’t need no water to be sucked in and engage in them fishing rules.
it's getting pretty tiring, these baiting - fishing - pausing - striking - merging (or, diminishing) cycle going on a loop.

sometimes, when it gets too tiring, one packs her soul, her heart and distorted brain back to where she was.
and where she’d better be. =)

Transparency is prettaay

You’re pretty transparent. 
I know. I soaked myself wet for you to view.
You’re pretty transparent. 
I know you like raindrops. This is my version of dropping just like them. To your arms.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

kala Yin rehat sementara Yang & Yang melebur

Yang muda yang bercinta. Bercinta dengan huruf. Berperang dengan logika. Berbaikan dengan mencintai konteks untaian huruf huruf yg menyatu.

Yang terang yang bersinar. Bersinar ditemani mendung & gelap. Meredup ditutupi sinar lain yg cemburu. Bersinar kembali menembus euphoria sesaat.

Yang pasrah yang terdiam. Terdiam dalam buaian pilihan. Menahan hasrat membelot. Menjerit: hedonisme miring memang absolut.

drafting away

We always meet by the elevator. One heading out and another, about to walk in. Before that double “Hey, neighbour!” line simultaneously blurted out.

This has been going on for years. No numbers exchanged. Coincidental meetings and making plans for future dinners happen right there. In front of the lift.

One might blurt : “Jangan dibuat ribet kalo mau ketemuan doang mah. Minta contact details atau unit number apartemen nya dong.”
...And ruining it?
The element of pleasant surprise. Aren't most of us have tendencies looking forward to it. Embrace the spontaneity or hell, create it!

This is blind dating two point o.
Bukan partner date nya yang buta. Tanggalnya. :D

Saturday, December 10, 2011

You want??

What do you want?

I want you to want it the way I’ve been wanting.
I want one plus one to be one of a kind. I one you & you one me.
I want the world spins with sheepish giggles, looking at us.
I want it all and all means you.
I want the hazy road to clear up and go easy with bumps to close with a We.
I want us to remain being critical beings and question the necessary and yet, never question us once you and me have become, US.
I want the wanting to become primal needing. The want one can’t lives without.

When You think you know lots...

You think it's gonna work out.
Little did you know, work hasn't been going two ways.

You think it's best left unsaid.
Little did you know, micro expressions prove your left eye had given you away.

You think it's all for the better.
Little did you know, all is one and when one is all, it spells b.e.s.t.

You think it's not gonna get you.
Little did you know, getting you has happened, with or without you.

You think it takes one to know one.
Little did you know, it might take one to know, and that certain one will still judge nevertheless.

You think it's nothing but the truth.
Little did you know, half of true was projected as truth.

You think silence is golden.
Little did you know, your golden league believes in silencing the unfavorable-s.

In the end, knowing you don't know that much and all the thinkings have been done all along with limited knowledge, is all to it.