Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I want to be your favorite half read book.
where journey with unknown surprises awaits.
a journey that doesn’t really need an end.

I want to be that page you read over, and over again.
as transparency meets cautiousness. 
as fear meets courage and will.
when honesty meets a silent shelter.

I want to be those chapters that move you. 
in an unfamiliar way.
in a new kind of warm, and welcoming ways.

I want to be yours

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Lilia said...

Hey, non Yulie violet, sudah lama sekali sejak blog terakhir aku baca tahun 2007 :p
Aku baru buka2 email aku yang sudah lama aku tinggalin dan ketemu email kamu yang judulnya ini dia si jali jali, aku baru sadar kalo sudah lama sekali ngga mampir ke blog2 jaman dulu. Ini lilia Kanatakara :)