Monday, December 26, 2011

fishing and baiting and bla bla bla

she walked. he ran.
she ran. he sprinted.
she attempted to sprint. he paused.
she paused to catch her breath. he took out his hand wanting to touch her.
she stepped back. Not only hesitant, but cautiously thinking.
what’s what, now.. and what’s later?

cycle of uncertainty.
when is the right time to hop two steps forwards and when to take a step backward?
when can we skip all these ‘games’ and move right ahead?
initially played to anticipate future excitement and tinglings.
but when its getting a lil too old, the long and clear lane got foggy.
it’s still long, but nowhere clear.
just. cloudy.

you don’t need no water to be sucked in and engage in them fishing rules.
it's getting pretty tiring, these baiting - fishing - pausing - striking - merging (or, diminishing) cycle going on a loop.

sometimes, when it gets too tiring, one packs her soul, her heart and distorted brain back to where she was.
and where she’d better be. =)

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