Saturday, December 10, 2011

When You think you know lots...

You think it's gonna work out.
Little did you know, work hasn't been going two ways.

You think it's best left unsaid.
Little did you know, micro expressions prove your left eye had given you away.

You think it's all for the better.
Little did you know, all is one and when one is all, it spells b.e.s.t.

You think it's not gonna get you.
Little did you know, getting you has happened, with or without you.

You think it takes one to know one.
Little did you know, it might take one to know, and that certain one will still judge nevertheless.

You think it's nothing but the truth.
Little did you know, half of true was projected as truth.

You think silence is golden.
Little did you know, your golden league believes in silencing the unfavorable-s.

In the end, knowing you don't know that much and all the thinkings have been done all along with limited knowledge, is all to it.

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